What to do if you encounter dead or moribund amphibians 

At the onset of a disease outbreak in a population of newts and salamanders obvious signs, like sick, dying- or dead individuals, may be hard to find. Not every dead or sick individual has Bsal but could also died of natural causes (like predation) or other amphibian infectious diseases like Ranavirus or Amphibiocystidium. Therefor it is always a good idea to report suspicious animals and contact your local hotline for transport, permits and further investigation.

  1. Do not handle sick or dead amphibians with your bare hands
  2. Use your mobile phone or other device to take a photo of the animal.
  3. Be sure to include photos of any obvious lesions which you notice on its body.
  4. Make a note of the location, date, time, number of animals which are sick or dead.  
  5. In Europe It is prohibited to collect wildlife (alive or dead) from the environment. Therefore please contact  the relevant hotline listed below as soon as possible for further action.


Report to a National Hotline

Found a dead or moribund amphibian? Report it to your National Hotline! In the table contact details of several National Hotlines can be found.


 Country  Institution    telephone   email/website

Schönbrunner Tiergarten GmbH +43 650 420 2955 d.preininger@zoovienna.at



 Ghent University  




Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive





 Trier University  +49 (0)651-201-4174   loetters@uni-trier.de
 United Kingdom

 Zoological Society of London


 020 7449 6685





karch  +41 32 718 36 00
+41 32 718 36 12



Spanish National Research Council


+34 677772402


The Netherlands

 RAVON 024 – 7410600







 Genoa University  




Administration de la nature et des forêts Luxembourg   fauna@anf.etat.lu