Bsal animations and videos

Educational videos on Bsal were recently created to provide an overview of

  • the etiology and epidemiology of Bsal, 
  • the clinical signs in different amphibian species, pathogenesis and pathology,
  • the diagnostic methods
  • possible treatment options
  • and preventive measures that can be taken by hobbyists and naturalists.







At the European Herpetological Congress in Salzburg in 2017 two animations on Bsal were presented for the very first time. Both animations are available in 18 European languages (and counting). These clips were created by several European organisations and issued by the European Commission. Aims: delineate the current range of Bsal in Europe, create an Early Warning System, development of an emergency action plan (short term) and to provide proofs of concept for sustainable long-term mitigation measures.

Not seeing the subtitles automatically? Click on the subtitle icon in the bottom right corner of the video and select the preferred language.


In addition, an instructional video was created outlining the hygiene protocol for fieldwork, step-by-step:

 Bsal poses a threat to salamanders in the whole of Europe so please share these videos widely!