Standard Operating Procedures

Hygiene protocol fieldwork (English)

Detailed Bsal Hygiene Protocol for Fieldwork and Amphibian Husbandry

Hygiene protocols (Dutch / Flemish)

Hygiene protocols (French)

Hygiene protocols (Italian)

Hygiene protocols (Spanish)


Hygiene protocol heavy machinery (English)

Desinfectie protocol zwaar materieel (Dutch / Flemish)


Fact sheet recognition clinical signs Bsal

Bsal can be difficult to diagnose in sick or diseased animals which are encountered in the field. An easy to use leaflet on recognition of Bsal in urodelans has been created (English).

How to recognize and treat an infection with Bsal (veterinarians)

Swift and accurate detection of Bsal is of utmost importance to prevent further expansion of this pathogen. This leaflet provides veterinarians an overview of macroscopic and microscopic lesions, the required diagnostic tests to confirm diagnosis, and the proper treatment. The leaflet is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.