Mitigation Measures

Developing effective and sustainable mitigation measures against Bsal infection is critical to the conservation of global amphibian biodiversity. The survival of several endangered and/or Bsal-susceptible amphibian species is dependent on the scientific community’s ability to further investigate Bsal and identify potential sustainable mitigation measures.

Garner et al. (2016) have suggested that a unidimensional mitigation approach is not practical and that a multifaceted line of action is imperative to achieve even a modicum of success. It is further stated that this approach also has to be geared toward the specific stage of emergence of the pathogen. Current mitigation efforts include a combination of preventative measures and short term approaches. However, more lasting and sustainable fixes are required if efficacious solutions to Bsal  outbreaks are to be found.

Also a stronger connection between the researchers and managers is needed, for example by increasing the number of applied studies (but not at the expense of fundamental research), in an attempt to more efficaciously mitigate amphibian diseases (Canessa et al., 2019).


Potential sustainable Mitigation Measures

An overview of possible mitigation measures is currently under construction.